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How your life can change just in the blink of an eye

Dorota Kulig03 November 2016Komentarze (0)

Imagine you have your great plans, you want to change your life, you want to start a brand new life. Then the unthinkable can happen and just in the blink of an eye an accident can ruin completely all your plans. This is what happened to one of our client, Marcin (name changed).

Just a few days after his arrival to the United Kingdom, where he moved to look for a job, he was involved in a road accident. The driver of the vehicle he was travelling on was killed. He sustained a severe traumatic brain injury, possible hypoxic brain injury, fractures of his sternum, ribs, pelvis and lung contusions. Consequently, he has reported serious neuropsychological deficits including personality change, behavioural and mood difficulties, combined with fatigue. The neurologists foresee only minor possibilities of recovery: he will never be able to live independently again and will always need support. He is partially incapacitated and his mother acts as a guardian. In fact, Marcin is like a fourteen-year-old kid in the body of an adult.

Marcin reached a settlement with the insurer in the United Kingdom, which gained the approval of the UK Royal Court. After having assessed numerous expert reports confirming the abovementioned damage to Marcin, the insurer agreed to pay various lump sums for compensation, for a total about £1,800,000 plus a yearly payment of about £60,000 until the rest of his life.

You may think now that Marcin has received a significant amount of money. Well, you are wrong. Totally wrong. This money cannot compensate the fact that Marcin will never be able to live a normal life, the same as we do. Marcin will always depend upon someone, because is not able to manage with the easiest daily activities. Right now he depends on his parents. Who will take care of him when they leave? I can tell you that his mother told me once that she would give back all that money to go back to their previous and peaceful life…

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