About us

The accession of Poland into the European Union on 1st of May 2004 and the introduction of a free movement of people and capital connected with it had a massive impact on legal services in Poland. We as lawyers did everything to be prepared for those changes in advance.

As the accession took place, on one hand Poland became an attractive place for foreign investors, and on the other hand hundreds of thousands of Polish citizens decided to exercise their rights as EU citizens and left Poland in aim of finding new job opportunities. Both of those circumstances created a soaring demand for legal help and because of that we could notice the development of legal services involving many international aspects.

Anticipating this enormous change in 2003 the Legal Office Budzowska Fiutowski & Partners. Legal Counsels (BFP) started the cooperation with the network of law firms within the Eurojuris International with its registered office in Brussels. The said organisation brings together approx. 600 companies from almost all European countries. The greatest advantage of the membership in the Eurojuris International is the aspect of  cooperation with overseas lawyers. On multiple occasions our clients and we have appreciated benefits that are associated with obtaining a short, concrete  answer to the query in regard to the particular area of a foreign law. Also our law firm was repeatedly involved in advising in favour of foreign clients in regard to the Polish legal system and judicial proceedings before Polish courts and the public authorities. In this way for more than 10 years we have been developing the international cooperation which at the moment constitutes the essential area of the legal services provided by our law office. It contains typical matters associated with the economic affairs such as advising while concluding contracts, helping with constitution of companies, but we are also involved in bankruptcy proceedings that cover several European countries, as well as in family and inheritance cases.

Being aware of occurring difficulties that might be caused by the case that is associated with a foreign legal system or with the need of managing it abroad, we decided to share our experience with everyone for whom it might be important.