October 2016

Despite numerous attempts to unify the legislation of Member States of the European Union, there is no doubt that some differences continuously occur and that regulations are markedly different from each other. Hardship clauses are one of such areas. Together with a group of my colleagues from the EUROJURIS INTERNATIONAL CONTRACTS & Litigation Group we […]

Does the enforcement proceedings in Poland have to be complicated?

Anna Miśtal-Kluś        14 October 2016        Komentarze (0)

If you are a foreign entrepreneur and your contractor is a Polish firm you might face certain problems with debt collection in Poland. Especially if your contractor has estate in Poland, you may need to start enforcement proceedings by the Polish bailiff. If you have already received a judgment of the court of your country, […]

Set-off not so clear as it seems

Dorota Kulig        12 October 2016        Komentarze (0)

How about a discussion about a set-off? You may ask why, and the answer would be that it is a very important issue. You may say that a set-off is such a popular problem that you know everything about it. Of course, I totally agree, but… are you sure? Are you sure which law shall […]