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Liquidation of the limited liability company in Poland

Anna Miśtal-Kluś        02 October 2019        Komentarze (0)

Your business is not successful or vice versa, you have achieved all your goals and want to roll up your business in Poland? But you still have a company here? I will explain you what to do in order to liquidate and strike a limited liability company (spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością) from the register in […]

DIFC Courts in Dubai

Benedykt Fiutowski        05 December 2018        Komentarze (0)

Dubai is a place where a lot of nations, cultures and religions mix and interfere with each other. The reason for this lies in its role in the global trade system. It must be clearly stated that it was neither oil nor gas, but the consistent efforts of Emirate’s authorities over the last few years […]

New rules on limitation under Polish law

Benedykt Fiutowski        26 July 2018        Komentarze (0)

If you run a business in Poland, or if you enter into contracts with Polish contractors, recent changes in Polish law regarding the limitation of claims which have entered into force on July 9, 2018, are sure to spark your interest. The basic limitation period has been shortened from 10 to 6 years. The new […]

Confidentiality agreement with an employee

Anna Miśtal-Kluś        17 October 2017        Komentarze (0)

If you are doing business in Poland, you may wonder how to protect your different important business information which is known to your employees. There are many sorts of confidential information connected with your undertaking, such as e.g. commercial, financial, technological or organizational information including sales volume, production volume, distribution, know-how, contractors, development plans, production […]

A final and valid judgment stating that a debtor has to pay to the creditor a given amount of money is not yet a full success. What you need as a creditor is to have a possibility to execute the judgment effectively. If the debtor does not pay the adjudged amount voluntarily, you need to […]