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Violation of the right to the company name

Anna Miśtal-Kluś        17 August 2017        Komentarze (0)

The right to the company name is of a crucial importance for entrepreneurs conducting business activity. Therefore it is important to be aware of certain legal measures that can protect you from violation of your rights in Poland. When is your right to the company name violated? Especially if someone uses the same company name […]

Many years of good cooperation and after that a court struggle. This is how some business relations end. At the beginning of the court procedure the law firms of the parties prepare often very complicated standpoints of their clients. Parties file to the court many documents, present their arguments at length. According to the Polish […]

Succession – on basis of the last will – to real property located in Poland

Anna Miśtal-Kluś        21 November 2016        Komentarze (0)

Due to a large group of Poles living abroad, as well as due to mixed marriages concluded by the Poles, which results in the fact that foreigners frequently become heirs of property located on Polish territory, the issue of succession to property left in Poland on the basis of wills made abroad is of utmost […]

How your life can change just in the blink of an eye

Dorota Kulig        03 November 2016        Komentarze (0)

Imagine you have your great plans, you want to change your life, you want to start a brand new life. Then the unthinkable can happen and just in the blink of an eye an accident can ruin completely all your plans. This is what happened to one of our client, Marcin (name changed). Just a […]

Despite numerous attempts to unify the legislation of Member States of the European Union, there is no doubt that some differences continuously occur and that regulations are markedly different from each other. Hardship clauses are one of such areas. Together with a group of my colleagues from the EUROJURIS INTERNATIONAL CONTRACTS & Litigation Group we […]